Simplified workflow

More than just another GUI to KONG Admin API.


Konga provides an elegant and clean GUI that is fun to work with.


Works great on desktop browsers, as well as mobile devices and tablets.

Easy to use

Being truly user friendly, it makes the hard task of managing your Kong Gateway a breeze.

Easy to setup

You can get it running in a couple of minutes via git or dockerhub with trivial configuration.

Managing tools

Konga offers the tools you need to manage your Kong cluster with ease.

  • Real time monitoring of Kong's state.
  • Detailed Node information.
  • Multi user environment.
  • Manage APIs, Plugins, Consumers and credentials.
  • Manage multiple Kong nodes running on different Kong versions.

Database Integration

Konga integrates with some of the most popular databases out of the box.

  • MySQL
  • PostgresSQL
  • MongoDB
  • SQL Server

Mass Imports

Easily import consumers from remote sources.

  • Databases
  • CSV documents
  • Google spreadsheets
  • APIs

Get Konga

Konga is available at GitHub, Npm and DockerHub.

Working Demo

See how Konga works.


username: demo

password: demodemodemo

View Demo

Support the Project

Show your support.

If you or your company is using Konga and feel like helping us continue maintaining the project, show your support.

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